CreativeMornings May 18 2018

The most recent installment of the Greater Omaha Chamber’s popular, “CreativeMornings” breakfast series was held at The Union for Contemporary Art, 2423 North 24th Street on Friday, May 18. 2018. As usual, lots of coffee and rolls were eagerly consumed by the 100 + attendees before the typical CreativeMornings “hugs & hi-fives” workout, to get us warmed up and energized.

To get us even more fired-up, Host Kim Sellmeyer and co-host Steve Gordon, Jr., got everyone involved in a raucous “rock, paper, scissors” activity that concluded with all attendees chanting the winner’s name after eliminating other contestants. It was a wild four or five minutes, and everybody was wide awake and smiling at the exercise’s conclusion; ready for the morning’s presentation.

CreativeMornings Hugs & Hi-Fives!

The subject was, “100 Days: Lessons in Commitment and Imperfection”, presented by Karen Borchert. Karen helps growing companies accomplish incredible work with amazing teams. Currently, Karen is the Chief Operations Officer at Flywheel, a fast-growing software company with operations and teams across the globe. Karen shared her experience and insight into goal-setting, seeking perfection, and associated problems, citing several entertaining personal anecdotes, examples, and potential traps to avoid.

Commitment seems to have no greater enemy than imperfection, especially for those of us who love a beautiful final product, unmarred by mistakes or flaws. Karen’s talk was about the mindset of commitment and perfectionism, and how to let imperfection in, once and for all, in order to create something incredible.

Karen told us that she loves goal-setting, and has learned to adjust on the fly to make continual progress, regardless of unexpected obstacles, setbacks or delays. It’s obvious that she is in a very good place in her life, which made her presentation all the more impactful.

CreativeMornings May 18 2018 Karen Borchert speaks to the attendees

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one glad to hear that others struggle with goal-setting and avoiding crippling perfectionism, while still seeking excellence. By the mood in the room, many heads nodding in agreement, and the energy flowing, the subject engaged us all. Karen gave us all permission to be imperfect, and to modify our goals, while constantly moving forward.

As a proud sponsor of CreativeMornings/Omaha, Midwest Sound & Lighting used a pair of QSC 1KW K-12 powered speakers, an Allen & Heath ZED mixer, and Shure wireless microphones to provide crystal-clear, feedback-free sound reinforcement.

To sum things up, it was another very stimulating CreativeMorning in Omaha. These events are very worthwhile IMHO, free of charge, and will charge you up for free. We hope to see you next month.


Stay creative and keep learning,