Midwest Sound & Lighting/Omaha

On Wednesday, November 8, 2017, all available Midwest Sound & Lighting employees gathered at the Omaha location for our annual meeting. We don’t get to see each other often enough.  Though our Lincoln store is less than an hour away, it can sometimes be challenging to keep the lines of communication clear and open, and keep everyone on the same page. The yearly all-company meeting lets us relax, talk, break bread together, meet new hires, and enhance intra-company good will.

The morning started with gallons of coffee, piles of bagels and rolls, and a very inspiring presentation by David G. Brown, the President and CEO of the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce. It only took David a couple “Good Mornings” to get us to respond with sufficient gusto, after which he launched into his presentation.

Omaha showroom

David spoke to the need to create an atmosphere of empathy, respect and good communication at the workplace, something that doesn’t automatically occur. David shared amazing stories of obstacles to communication and cooperation, and how, once everyone is aware of and buys into the company vision and mission, many shared goals can be reached.

A big part of successful business communication is separating our personal relationships from the day-to-day issues we face at work, and addressing specific problems directly with those affected by our workplace actions. His story regarding the Olympic Torch Run to the Atlanta Games was a study in how to navigate sensitive issues, find common ground, solve problems, and work together to get the job done. David held everyone’s undivided attention, and his insightful, inspiring message seemed to resonate with all of us. Midwest Sound & Lighting is profoundly grateful to David G. Brown and the Greater Omaha Chamber for the limitless support we have enjoyed since joining and partnering with the Chamber a decade ago.

Fired up from David’s presentation, we went outside for the ever-challenging photograph of the entire crew. “Herding cats” might best be how to describe Tess, our photographer, as she put us in our places. Truthfully, few of us like being photographed, and nobody likes looking into the sun…

Midwest Sound & Lighting crew at Annual Meeting.

Following a delicious, Hy-Vee catered hot lunch, department heads then gathered in the conference room to further discuss the challenges and opportunities we face today and in the future, which range from consumer buying trends, to FCC wireless mic regulations, to contemporary marketing techniques, and much more.

Midwest Sound & Lighting is a proud, family-owned business, and a big, extended family unto ourselves. As with all businesses (and families), we face a few challenges, but, overall, the future’s so bright we gotta wear shades!

Peace, Love, out-