SCCC Grand Giveaway

The beautiful, new, Beardmore Event Center was the venue for this year’s Grand Giveaway, held on Thursday evening, March 29th, 2018. The

“50’s/60’s Sockhop” theme was everywhere, from the cool, “Pink Ladies” jackets that Karen, Annisa and the other SCCC staff were sporting, to the giant 33 and 45 rpm records on the wall, to the background music I spun; from The Beatles, to Elvis, Dion, the Platters and more…

Many, many unique, useful and valuable prizes were auctioned off by auctioneers Tom Kerfoot and Martie Cordaro. Those two fellows kept things light, up-tempo, and fun- and got bids! I think Tom and Martie could get top dollar from an Eskimo for a block of ice…nice job, guys!

SCCC Grand Giveaway

It is my understanding that this was the most successful and well-attended Grand Giveaway yet, a tribute to the hard work and dedication of the Sarpy County Chamber of Commerce. Folks started arriving at about 5 pm to inspect the auction items (and enjoy the delicious house cocktails), and we all enjoyed a delicious meal together. True to form and past events, the Grand Giveaway was over at about 9 pm, with many attendees lingering to enjoy a little more fellowship and fun.

Midwest Sound & Lighting is happy to partner with our good friends in the Sarpy County Chamber of Commerce. We employed a single pair of phenomenal, compact JBL VRX-932 speakers, driven by a XS 1200 Crown amplifier, with an Allen & Heath ZED mixer and two Shure wireless microphones to provide pleasant, intelligible, distortion/feedback-free audio reinforcement for the ballroom. I think everyone in the ballroom heard every word spoken into the mics clearly; at least that was my goal.

SCCC Grand Giveaway

Congratulations to the Sarpy County Chamber of Commerce on another wonderful event! See you next year.

Peace, out,