BOTG 2019

Business on the Green 2019

Weather alert!

After setting up the day before and testing the sound system for this year’s installment of Business on the Green, we stowed the all-weather speakers and stands, then tarped the heck out of the head end table, where the mixer, amp and wireless mic receivers were. We knew the forecast was calling for yet more strong thunderstorms in this rainy spring, so we really made sure to cover everything well. We gaff taped it all down securely, and said a prayer.

It’s good that we went to such great lengths to protect the gear, because Mother Nature really hit Friday morning with a vengeance. The 7am flight wasn’t going to happen. It was too rainy to get the morning flight off in time, so the start was delayed a few hours.

Once things cleared up, I got the speakers up on stands, un-tarped the head-end table, fired the rig up, and, voila; A-OK! Everything stayed dry and

Larry Gomez on the mic

functional, so retired Chamber emcee, Larry Gomez, got on the mic for his final BOTG appearance (?) and things started drying out and coming together.

BOTG 2019

It’s always fun to get the grounds rockin’ for the Greater Omaha Chamber’s premier summertime networking event, and this year was no different. As the first flight took off, I held out my hand for Chamber President and CEO, David Brown, to slap, with a grin, as his cart headed for the greens. The sun shone, and the rest of the day came off beautifully.

This was my last BOTG, as I’m retiring July 19th, following a wonderful, 23-year run at Midwest Sound & Lighting. We have been proud to partner with the Chamber for nearly 15 years, and I know I’ll miss my Chamber buddies. No worries; Midwest Sound & Lighting’s still got the Chamber’s back (I just won’t be moving the gear anymore).

I’d like to thank all my wonderful Chamber friends for all the love and camaraderie I’ve felt from each and every one of them over the years. I’d also like to thank the Greater Omaha Chamber for the nice gift bag I was given for retirement. It’s been a great run.

BOTG 2019

I know “we don’t coast”, but please forgive me if I do put my feet up for a little while, as I adjust to retirement. Musically, I don’t plan on retiring until I step to the mic and clear the room (which may indeed happen), so I hope to see you out and about with Peace, Love, etc., Acoustic Groove, or performing as a soloist.

Peace, love, out-