Arbor Day Farm Tree Adventure Discovery Ride


This project included a complete sound reinforcement system including digital audio processing and remote volume control, all installed within a tractor and ride-themed trailer.

Project Details

  • Main equipment in installed within weather-resistant enclosure on trailer.
  • Temporary connections are made with tractor because tractors are changed regularly.
  • Trailer includes wired and wireless handheld microphones with remote volume controls located near tour guide.
  • Tractor cab includes a push-to-talk microphone and speaker so the driver can listen to the tour guide and can announce if any wildlife is seen along the route.
  • Utmost attention is given to reliability. If it isn’t reliable, it doesn’t make any difference how well it performs.
  • A simpler installation could have been performed, but this installation enhances the user experience and makes it so that the staff can use it without any worries.
  • Designing systems for use in all types of weather requires consideration during design to deal with temperature, moisture and vibration. Midwest can handle any project from inception to completion.
  • Integration of control and AV systems comes in projects large and small.



Arbor Day Farm
2611 Arbor Ave.
Nebraska City, NE 68410

Services Utilized

  • Portable sound reinforcement for tour guide
  • Integration of components with tractor and trailer


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